iOS 15 – Top New Features Now

Tiêu đề video: iOS 15 – Top New Features Now

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iOS 15 – Top Favorite Features Now. iOS 15 bring hundreds of changes and new features, but many are small changes. With iOS 15 we have features such as SharePlay, Visual Lookup, Safari, Focus modes, new notifications, updates Widgets, Weather, Accessibility updates and much more. In this video I share the Top for iPhone and some hidden iOS 15 features also. In this video I am using iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS15 #Apple #iPhone

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – iOS 15 Best Feature
01:32 – iOS 15 Weather App
02:57 – Focus
04:15 – Live Text
05:11 – Visual Lookup
05:55 – Notifications
07:22 – Safari
08:49 – Accessibility options and Text Size
10:28 – Background Sounds
11:58 – Outro

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  1. What is your favorite iOS 15 feature and are you using iOS 15 yet? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Robert Nobles

    Definitely NOT a rose bush 😂

  3. redflutterby421

    1M!! Yay! 👏🏻☝🏻

  4. Andrew Hoffman

    I was hoping there would be something to overcome having to log in twice because you have a covid mask 😷?

  5. Will apple design where you delete from your messages on Apple Watch then delete it from your phone?

  6. real1evidence

    So Always-on-Display is not supported by iOS 15? I cannot find confirmation of this feature. This is extremely disappointing, as this feature was heavily rumored and highly anticipated.

  7. Pir Nadeem Ul-Haq

    Am following many channels l, but the way you describe about iPhone 📱 its always awesome informative. Thank you for your efforts Hats off to you

  8. GodOfRebounds

    Great video. Helped me learn a few new things for the phone. Thank you!

  9. Great video, thank you!
    For me the text size will be BRILLIANT…with my poor eyesight (stargardts disease) this will make it much easier to read things for me.

  10. from this video I learned that somebody uses Facetime. wow.

  11. can I just add that iPhone is able to tell what percentage your apple watch is at but you can't see what percentage your phone is at from your watch? Am I clueless or is that something that is hard to make on the apple watch? there are many times I'm charging my phone with my watch on and I'm not near it, it would be so convenient to see what percent my phone is at from my watch.

  12. Martin Trazona

    i wish i can have one of your iphone for my online class♥️

  13. Shareplay and spatial audio for FaceTime. Focus mode is cool too.

  14. I need that wallpaper, does anyone know how to get it?

  15. A weather app with animations… my goodness. What a revolution…

  16. Dominic Panaia

    My guess is they’ll add SharePlay features when more devices are updated to iOS 15 to guarantee sooth inter-compatibility

  17. Fetch Some Popcorn

    Google Lens has been doing the photo recognition for a long while now.

  18. Michael Angel

    Apple is slowly rotting under Timmy

  19. Ios iPad os 15 update keyboard and mouse features fix full keyboard and mouse support features

  20. Live text is going to be so useful! I wonder if you can use that feature with smaller texts (in size) and large number of texts.

  21. Shoutout Clover, my dude

  22. Had to hit the comments just because I wanted to know if that was an actual rose bush. Close enough

  23. 400 NEW FEATURES?! Holy moly

  24. steven C mitchell

    When is iOS 15 being released to the public

  25. Thank you so much for this video! You the best 💓

  26. Chris Scanlan

    Great info as always. I love the font size by app addition!

  27. I can’t imagine needing my phone screen to look different based off the time of day. What a colossal waste of effort.

  28. ᗰᎥᔕᔕ ᗰIᔕᔕᖇIᗪIᑕᑌᒪOᑌᔕ

    Weather Network does the same

  29. I didn't know the text size adjustment per app feature. That would be a very useful for me!

  30. Still no capability to make a text message unread?

  31. screenshare is the best feature

  32. OMG. The accessibility tip is awesome and a lifesaver for me haha thank you 🙏😁👍

  33. The Salted Egg

    Is it just me or does he kinda sound like omni man…

  34. Josstin Toledo

    Basically it doesn’t fold and doesn’t have multitasking split screen task, like Samsung that’s why, sells will be low

  35. you should be able to set a timer to background sounds…

  36. Roger Parliman

    They are nice but nothing grabs my attention! I was wondering if the weather app had radar?

  37. Nazeera Shaik

    Thanks for the wallpaper!!

  38. kartik sachdeva

    who give f about weather app

  39. Will these be a back door update to scan photos?

  40. Really enjoyed this video a lot and it saved me a lot of time 😅 my favourite feature so far would be the text size per app, it’s another tool that lets you customize your iPhone to your personal likings. Looking forward to spending time watching your helpful videos, new subscriber.

  41. How do I get dark mode on Apple Maps all the time and how do you get safari in dark mode with website darkens

  42. Jeff Bommarito

    The weather app? Give me a fucking break you guys. Talk about low standards