iOS 15 Review: Should You Update? My Favorite Features!

Tiêu đề video: : Should You Update? My Favorite Features!

Độ dài: 00:09:11, Ngày đăng: 2021-09-21 05:47:54

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  1. Haven't installed yet but I thought the camera copy and paste looked useful but idk I don't trust apple when it comes to updates, they tend to slow down the phones but I have a 12 pro max so idk if I have to worry about that

  2. Yosef Plotkin

    what do i do if drake isnt my favorite celebrity tho?

  3. Imwas just kidding

  4. What are those bars between the high and low temperatures in the Weather app?

  5. can you get the swipe up option back on safari?

  6. FaceTime SharePlay comes later this fall.

  7. Tluangi Laltluangkimi

    Love your videos all the time

  8. How Do Have The White Banner On Ur Homescreen Dats Tellin U The Time , Date And Battery Life

  9. Olivia Landschoot

    Will Iphone X be able to screen share? or is it we just won’t be getting the portrait mode?

  10. Dishon Johnson

    What category does the XR fall in?

  11. shaquil Hickman

    Im waiting til I pick up my 13 Pro max graphite this Friday.

  12. What phone you using will it work for my iPhone 11 Pro Max

  13. great video

  14. Hey sir I want to ask will you ever do a give away mainly like a pc 😅 because if you do I want to be there and I hope I would win because I wanted a pc for so long now but it's to expensive to afford one and I would use it for my subject I take Which is computer studies because now I don't have a computer well we did but it was very old and broke and the other reason is to game on it as well

  15. Christopher H

    Just my 2 cents, but it seems everyone on social media has a “should you update?” Video/article every time a new iOS update comes out. Well of course you should update! You do great work my friend, but I think you could do much better if you separated yourself from the pack