Google Pixel 6 vs iPhone 13

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iPhone 13 Mini Finally Worth It
iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Don’t Make a Mistake
This year, Apple swung first with the iPhone 13 and , but Google is going down without a fight. Google’s Pixel 6 is just a few days away from an official announcement, and if you’re on the fence about which phone to get, let me tell you why this is the year to wait and see what Google has to offer.

Google Pixel 6 – For All You Are
Google Pixel 6:Coming Soon 篇
Introducing Nest Audio from Google
The Easy Way | Chromebook
#Android12: Designed for you
It’s the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro at the Google Store in NYC!

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  1. 1080p FHD+? My S9+ is WQHD+ 2960×1440 and is 4-5years older. Am I missing something here?

  2. Thee ArtSee🎗

    the google pixel looks like a toy.

  3. Orlando Frias

    This did not age well

  4. Bought the pixel 6pro:
    It misses loads of features that others have put on, as it's standard android. Like app lock etc..
    But worse than that.. the features such as call screening etc. Are not available outside the USA!! So if you're in the UK like me,you get a very basic phone, with just a camera. The camera isn't very impressive either. Magic eraser is a gimmick.
    The phone looks good, but isn't really good yet.

  5. Watching on my ip13 pro max right now ✌🏻

  6. I pre ordered the Pixel 6 in sorta seafoam. It looks so good. I’m impressed with how google actually differentiated what it is to be a Pro model. More ram, better and more screen, more battery(on paper), more storage option, more camera, faster display.

  7. The aesthetic of the device was part of what made me jump from Samsung to Pixel. I had a S10+ which is a beautiful backed phone. Then withe s20's they put that ugly rectangle in the corner.

    Then having called someone for work who had a pixel and they sent it to screen the call and that basically made the decision for me. That feature is too useful to me not to have when I need to be able to answer almost any call, but don't want to deal with spam and scams

  8. Farayi Matibiri

    Ordered mine I can't wait 🔥

  9. finally a pixel that attracts me

  10. Howard T_Duck

    Jon you sound like you had too many drinks.i miss when you had Techno buffalo going on

  11. Design wise the pixel 6 looks just 10x better

  12. Michael Moran

    Love the camera bar , wish they had a more compact version .😄

  13. Greatest Assassin

    That price tho

  14. Design wise, only Asians make good looking phones now. What pieces of craps are these pixel and iphones, such an assault on human eyes.

  15. They are trying to look uglier than iPhones, not easy to do, but they accomplished it. How pathetic.

  16. They need to step up the horizontal scaling, not just the vertical integration… I mean more than half of EU countries won't be able to buy the Pixel 6, even though it costs more than it's US price.. is that because there are not enough chips (there never has been since first Nexus) or because Google just want's to showcase their product and don't really want to compete in market share with Apple and others?

  17. Pre-ordered my Pixel 6. Hopefully it will be a good upgrade from my Pixel 3

  18. Lol I'm poor people, gonna save a dollar a day till I can afford this 😅 … or maybe by the the 7 Pro

  19. H.-Jürgen Berger

    Ich empfehle einen DEUTLICH GRÖßEREN Foto-Sensor in den Modellen nach Pixel 6, anstatt die Softwarelösungen beim Fotografieren immer mehr zuzuspitzen.
    Mein Vorschlag ist: MINDESTENS der MFT-Standard.

  20. Jon viene con Notch 😁

  21. Antony Stukes

    Who's all #TEAMPixel6Pro vs #TeamPixel6 thumbs up for pro and thumbs down for 6.

  22. I call it the "camera strip"

  23. Morgoth Bauglir

    I must say, the pixel is looking really impressive, state of the art, insane camera specs
    And that price

    If the pixel 6 is half as good as its specs imply, it’ll be a great phone

    Love your take on this

  24. i want to get pixel 6 pro sorta sunny with 256GB which does not exist

  25. You know Jon lacks credibility when he's not allowed to show software content on the Pixel yet but he's put up a video comparing it to the iphone already. People like this should not be followed, they are on youtube for the wrong reasons.

  26. Marc Ernest Luthomme

    As an iphone user! Finally is the time to switch ☺☺

  27. mary mulligan

    Love the look of the pixel 6 ….love a flat screen, what is the back made of really isn’t made clear …Hoping it’s not glass, .. been waiting for the pixel ,! … if the cameras live up to expectations…I will be jumping on a new Pixel 6 ..

  28. What HDR video can the Pixel 6 do? Google seems blind to the fact that HDR video does nothing unless they are including Dolby Vision or HLG or HDR10 in the video encoding which they totally skipped over.

  29. IDK what's better for me… :()::::

  30. Jasper Thompson

    "8GB of RAM. Which isn't a whole lot…"
    Me with my 4GB RAM laptop: ;_;

  31. William V Ellis

    I have a Pixel 5… But honestly I'm waiting for the Tesla phone to be released. It comes standard with Star-link WiFi built in! So I don't 🤔 you'll never have to I worry about being near a cell tower ever again as Star-link is broadband internet anywhere you are.

  32. Noud Ockeloen

    When your exeptions are to high it always be a disappointment…!

  33. Can't wait to see all of the exaggerated reviews of the new Puxel, it's faster better cameras blah blah

  34. Xander Healey

    I'm super pumped for the Pixle six.

  35. iPhone industry leading camera ? Hmmmm. The Best zoom ….no ,the best colours …….no , the best MP … , highest dxo marks …… No .

  36. Haupia Nacorda

    I'm still on the Pixel 3 and loving it. However, I will probably get the 6 Pro since I dropped my P3 and cracked it because I didn't use the case just that one time. Ugh. One of my favorite things about that phone is that it screens calls. Pressing screen call and watching the words go bold when activated makes me smile as I either see the caller hang up or someone actually leaving a message, which I quickly answer. A prized app for me that Apple doesn't have. Yet, I wish I could give Google Assistant a name. Instead of saying 'Hey Google, what's the traffic like right now?', I'd rather say 'Hey David, what's the traffic like?' Oh, the little things bring me so much joy. LOL

  37. Indrajit Karmakar

    A 600 dollar phone with 4 years major Android update and 5 year security update is best thing on Pixel 6 series. ❤️❤️🔥🔥

  38. For $599 it's not even a comparison. You need to compare the iPhone 12 mini vs the Pixel 6 cause that's the same price. And the iPhone 12 mini has a horrible battery life boring 60hz display and 4gb ram.

  39. I love how these reviews state that these companies are "changing everything" when in fact they're making the same stinkin' phone with minor improvements. Over the past few years, the only thing I can see that's meaningfully changed is the camera. These phone companies are just regurgitating the same stuff and trying to convince us that they're producing something breakthrough and revolutionary — news flash: they're not.