Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Split After Singer's Alleged Argument w/ Yolanda Hadid (Reports)

Tiêu đề video: Gigi Hadid & Split After Singer's Alleged Argument w/ Yolanda Hadid (Reports)

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have reportedly broken up, per multiple reports. “They are not together right now. They are both good parents though,” a Hadid family friend told People. The 26-year-old supermodel and 28-year-old singer have been linked since Nov. 2015 and share 13-month-old daughter Khai. Access Hollywood has reached out to Gigi and Zayn’s teams for comment. Their reported split comes after an alleged argument between the former One Direction singer and the supermodel’s mom Yolanda Hadid.

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Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Split After Singer’s Alleged Argument w/ Yolanda Hadid (Reports)


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  1. Marilyn Webber

    The thing is that Yolanda has accused people in the past of attacking her. She even accused Lisa Vanderpump’s husband of attacking her during filming of Real housewives & recordings came out to prove that he never touched her. So while I’m not saying that Zayn would never touch Yolanda you also have to take into account the times Yolanda has falsely accused people of attacking her.

  2. Ali patricia Gooding

    Who are these people? Omg I am old 😳

  3. I believe him.. Yolanda seems to be extremely controlling and needs to learn boundaries. The lady is toxic.

  4. Evelyn Racine

    Yolanda wouldn't mess with him unless he deserves it.

  5. YoYo is crazy, she made up so much bs while on real housewives. How incredibly sad!

  6. RealTakerslady

    Yolanda has messed up their relationship

  7. Zayn should've understood that he is now a father no matter he is married or not. You can't leave a girl like that.

  8. Trust Your Gut

    Remember when Yolanda accused Ken of hitting her on real housewives of Beverly Hills and it was shown on camera that he didn’t? Yeah, I know who I believe. Why is she leaking it now if it happened 2 weeks ago?
    Narcissists do not respect boundaries.Yolanda has no business in trespassing Zayn's personal home, unless of course, she want to create problems and false allegations against Zyan, while her daughter is away & not present to witness the real toxic true persona her matter has kept hidden from her all these years!
    Yolanda is absolutely not the angel she pretends to be. She’s a controlling narcissist.who most likely sees her grand child as an extension of hers, just like her girls to eventually cash in on the grand child just like she did with her girls.She probably felt that Zayn is and will be in the way for her to execute/ accomplish her hidden, present & future agendas, so she provoked him and further trying to publicly she assassinate his character by smear campaign!

  9. The amount of comments gaslighting the women in the picture and completely absolving their abuser is frightening.

  10. I font believe Yolanda , didn’t she makeup being sick ( ill)

  11. So sad i hope they get back togeter they are so awesome i wish them the best ..🙏♥️

  12. I hate it when parents put their own happiness above their child's. She really ruined her daughter‘s relationship for more money and more Fame. What kind of mother is this?

  13. The amount of stans here thinking they know everything about Zayn and gigi and making up stories that suit their interest is concerning🤦🏻‍♂️
    If someone has done something wrong he/she will face the consequences regardless of them being your favourite celebrity or not

  14. Belinda Botha

    Parents should keep their noses out of their childrens relationships. Some moms are toxic.

  15. Hali McEachern

    Here’s an idea: if you don’t like how you’re being treated in someone’s house, leave

  16. There's cameras. So use them. Yolanda needs to stop being such a damn mom to khai. It's not her deal.

  17. Deflection and to me he looks like a spoiled mean punk. Cuteness is zero here.

  18. This really really shouldn't be public knowledge. Feel sorry for both them.

  19. What is very disturbing reading all the comments here is that yet again a woman, the grandmother of this little baby girl get pushed/ shoved and she is now to blame for being overprotective 🤔 Who the f is raising our boys and girls. Yolanda is a strong woman and protective mom and grandmother and now looks like she had good reason to be protective. BTW how many of you still have those pussy hats 😴😴 😴😴😴 and Me2 must have sailed.

  20. Gigi should speak up because I myself is a fan of Gigi but I'm taking zayn's side here Gigi will lose fans because of her so called mother Yolanda witchhhhh the most toxic person on the planet #respectzayn

  21. Dawn Marie May

    This young girl needs to back her mother up and protect her family from her if she ever wants to be truly happy.May peace be with them all but I doubt she can do it.

  22. This is what happens when u are young and foolish and trying to salvage something that cannot be saved!! The amount of times they broke up and got back together then she has a baby at 24 but babies dont save relationships especially when u are young!! They are not a compatible match and it shows! The sad thing is they brought an innocent baby to face all this mess!!

  23. I hope Zayn has cameras in his home that captured whatever occurred. Yolanda is a real drama Queen who is completely overbearing. She should not have been at his house while her daughter was out of town.

  24. The way he brokeup and broke Perry's heart……

  25. meditation sounds

    Every celebrity had one toxic person like Britney had her family who controls n take advantage of far as Hadid kids are concerned they are totally controlled by Yolanda..who to date what to eat n what to do in terms of work n Yolanda I guess if it was upto her wouldn't let Gigi have a kid or becme a mom at first place thinking it would effect Gigi Carrer…

  26. Dr Disrespect.

    it's like a Bollywood movie, couple's split because of mother in law

  27. Jenny hickson

    I think Yolanda would be the mother in law from hell. I feel for Zayn but he must have known what he was getting involved with. This should have been kept out of the public’s attention and it’s very sad that she would talk to the press about such private issues.

  28. Givim Malik is quite short.

  29. Yolanda is correct or not I don't know. But I think Yolanda and zayn had a small argument and maybe he do a little hitting or said any harsh words to her. So that makes her angry and she do this crime to zayn. We all believe in our own mother right. If he she want to destroy there life she can do that early right. But some things have to be personal not public that must affect both there professional and personal life . I think if we are in our most anger situation we throw some things right , so zayn show his anger that time like throwed things and that get hit on her ,so she thought he purposefully did that.