Gigi Hadid Reacts To Zayn Malik & Yolanda Hadid Drama

Tiêu đề video: Reacts To & Yolanda Hadid Drama

Độ dài: 00:01:04, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-29 05:42:09

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Gigi Hadid Statement On Zayn Malik & Yolanda Hadid Drama

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  1. Milagros Vega Villalobos

    I support Giigi and her mother, no one knows the thruth. Just because some guy posts he's innocent is not reason enough to believe it, mothers always goes first. Yolanda has been with her children along their lifes, their careers, everything. She deserves respect.

  2. ScArEd PoTtAh💚💛

    I am in Zayns side.

  3. Buttercups &Roses

    Sad, but not surprising. Yolanda is NOT going to let her daughters go. Gigi is going to have to decide what she wants in life and stick to it.

  4. Yolanda is gross!

  5. So_naturopathe

    Yolanda aka the new Karen lmao

  6. So_naturopathe

    Yolanda is so toxic omg. How can gigi and Bella can live with this woman?

  7. Denise Campbell

    There are always two sides to a story his side ,her side and the truth .

  8. Syeda zoaiba Khan

    Why are people saying things out of logic ?
    STOP BELIEVING THINGS YOU READ ONLINE. (It's their private life and people are just saying things what they Assume.)
    Seriously. For real ? Zayn is an honest and a respected person, he's a father and he has three sisters he'd never behave in such a manner.
    This is all an Assumption.

  9. Charlene Paris

    Narcissist mother-in-law

  10. Lauren Farrell

    Damn. Even the most seemingly "perfect" relationships have flaws

  11. Yolanda wants to exploit her granddaughter like she exploited her daughters.

  12. Vivian Bakshi

    Smh I can't believe people out here defending Zayn. Regardless of Yolanda's bad reputation, she is old granny, she probably can't even lift a grocery bag, and spend her day sitting on sofa. idk how cruel people can be, have some compassion. Also, people think you can just call out an abuser but it's not that simple to point a finger at their family member. They share a baby and marking one of their parents as an abuser is heartbreaking for both spouses and everyone around them. Yolanda risked this and called him out in public. Zayn shouldn't even be in a fight with old lady! this guy probably treated Yolanda like his mom.

  13. Thejaswitha Rajesh

    Yolanda is toxic

  14. Taibha Junaid

    people saying that she did not roport it because most women are scared SHE TOLD THE WHOLE WORLD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD if she was scared she would have not have told tmz

  15. i trusted her, but i can't, i can't trust kardashian jenner hadid idk

  16. Yolanda Go to hell These bi… doesn't deserve Zayn #FreeZayn

  17. I feel like she just wanted Zayn's genes in her family 👁️👄👁️

  18. violetgurl80s

    How about the video on TMZ where he is shirtless involved in a brawl outside NYC bar happened 4 months ago

  19. I think Yolanda didn't trust Zayn alone at home with the child that is why she went there to begin with i mean what other excuse did she have to go to Zayn's house knowing Gigi is not there


  21. Sweetface Lola

    Another Brian laundrie but you guys are fan girls so you're okay with it! Smh! Disgraceful!

  22. I believe Zayn to be honest. The poor guy has been having it rough for a long long time, especially mentally. He doesn't strike me as somebody who would physically lay a hand on a woman, let alone his mother-in-law. He has 3 sisters for Christ's sake, and he is the father of a little girl . Yolanda on the other hand… I've watched her from years ago on the Real Housewives before her daughters became widely popular. She portrayed herself as a Saint, but really she perpetuated a lot of the drama going on and would gaslight and victimize many times. Smh

  23. salma al-shaoily

    I feel like Yolanda is stirring the pot, trying to character assassinate Zayn and get full custody

  24. amber roberson

    Zayne hit Yolanda, disgusting

  25. Nahhh that woman is planning on something besides, she's the cause of problem.

  26. Marni Braverman

    Yolanda is a sweet woman who choses to see the good abs it’s too bad the ugly finds her. Bless her heart

  27. Stand your ground Zayne hopefully Gigi realizes that her Mom is controlling and likes to medal in raising of there child its not her child

  28. Interfering Mother?

  29. OMG so Zayne is dangerous?!

  30. Leave her alone, already! She loves her man!
    Do give us the proof that Mailick hit her!
    Family should not interfere in daughters marriage.
    DOES Yolanda need the limelight that much ???

  31. Northern Star

    Yolanda seems she wants the best for her daughter and grandchild. I always thought that Gigi deserved better. Once they hit you they feel entitled to do it again. And again. People are all for him cause apparently hes cute and all the girls want him lol