Atletico Madrid 2-0 Barcelona | LaLiga 21/22 EXTENDED Match Highlights

Tiêu đề video: Atletico Madrid 2-0 | LaLiga 21/22 EXTENDED Match Highlights

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Luis Suarez had a field day against his former team as he scored and assisted in Atletico Madrid’s 2-0 win against Barcelona. The loss adds on to the already mounting pressure on Barcelona manager, Ronald Koeman as they struggle to find form this season. Watch the extended highlights here! 

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  1. Enjoy YT Channel

    Koeman is are worst manager in Barcelona history.. Every season Barcelona is a giant team, now it doesn't look like it us to.. No trophy, no balloon d or, no top score. I am glad Messi,suarez, neymar are out of the team.. Because there are other teams that appreciate them more.

  2. Ansu Fati deserved the NO.10. He sends the freekick to sky. Jk man i love Barca but this club is done

  3. suarez the most calm striker

  4. Lance Derossi

    Luis is showing Ronald who is e real boss 💪💪

  5. Vishnu Vishnu

    Carrasco underrated

  6. When you rely too much on a single man without a future plan. Look at Real Madrid, they're not the best team but they're still a solid team.

  7. Psg dont need messi but barca need messi

  8. Well deserved win suarez

  9. Izharuddin Mohd

    padan muka!

  10. Barcelona = toothless without Messi

  11. Soon.. Athletico will be like.."WE! Walk alone!"

  12. Kenek 76 Official


  13. Rizwan Rasheed

    You have to payoff on yr own words “the future of barca”

  14. Barshitlona 🤭

  15. What's going on here ?! I'm really disappointed with my Favourite club right now ! . First mistake : Let Messi Leave Barcelona .! and Now the formation and tactical so BAD !! Koeman cannot guide Barcelona be A Awesome Club like a Before ! ..

  16. To all idiots saying "Messi is nothing without Barcelona" …. this is a perfect example of how incredibly stupid you are.

    Take Messi out and Barcelona is nothing without Messi. He has been carrying Barcelona for years.

  17. pique hes trash

  18. New number 10 taking a free kick and the ball just landed on Mars

  19. Christopher Sigur Richard

    I still remember once a Barca fan said they have no problem even without Messi.. I like his confidence but it is not as expected. They even get Aguero and Memphis but can't perform like before. Even oldman Suarez could score against Pique. Hehe. Poor barca fans

  20. Poor Barca 🤭🤭🤭

  21. Aidil Haqeemy

    mad respect to Suarez, the way he's celebrating the goal despite on how he's being treated with his old team last season