Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Break Up After 6 Years Together

Tiêu đề video: & Break Up After 6 Years Together

Độ dài: 00:01:57, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-29 13:11:13

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik call it quits one year after welcoming their daughter Khai and six years after their romance began. Watch for more details!

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  1. Nikshita Singh

    Never wanted zayn involved with the kardash-jenners or the hadids. Never.

  2. I don’t believe Yolanda. This is the woman who told her frail daughter that she’s eating too much and the same woman who posted pictures of her grandchild knowing that her parents want to protect her privacy

  3. Alicia Winston

    In order for things to work as a couple they need to keep people out of there business. That's the only way thing will work out! Praying for this couple and the beautiful baby who don't have and clue..

  4. YungCartier305

    I believe Yolanda

  5. Elizabeth Bradshaw

    Everything is about fame for yolanda

  6. Karana Ferreira

    They still have to co parent so ….

  7. Mohammed Sarfaraz

    Last year saying fck grammies and now this What a shame Zayn , I honestly didn't expected this from you

  8. I can't believe it

  9. He needs to get away from the Hadids. He can coparent with G and have a healthy relationship that way, but he needs to be put a restraing order on Yolanda. That women gives me “amber heard” vibes.

  10. shanu s varghese

    We can say to Khai that her "Grandma broke up their parents"…

  11. Hestini Hestini

    they just celebrated khai birthday
    …hopefully this misunderstanding can be solved in piece

  12. Dino Tech Turbo Charge

    If they actually had broke up for real, I’m not really surprise that they broke up again. I mean they be on and off, two to three times.

  13. Parents first, kid last. Shame.

  14. Oh please someone tell me this is fake…… I don't want them to break up…. Please, they make a great match

  15. Wow, like a true narcissistic family they scapegoat and blame the truth teller.
    Shame on the Hadid Family.

  16. Should have picked Tyler, just like Hannah 🤪 just saying

  17. I Don’t Even Know Anymore

    We’ve seen Yolandas behavior on the reality shows. She’s invasive and controlling. Only time will tell if she’s telling he truth.

  18. Jessy Chrysler

    I don't care for Yolanda either but still you don't put your hands on your baby's grandmother and it was all over because she wanted to see her grandbaby when her daughter wasn't home!! I think there's more to it!! I think Yolanda was trying to catch him cheating on her daughter or something else happened it's not just because she wanted to see her grandbaby when her daughter was out of town for goodness sakes!?!

  19. Cassete Aesthetics

    The main reason i think for the breakup is Yolanda , i think , no i am sure she has fake allegations on zayn and she jsut want Gigi to pair up with someone more famous inorder to get more popularity , literally i love ZIGI and I do love Zayn and Gigi but i hate yolanda she is always being a rude and controlling mother , she thinks her daughters are her playdolls , beleive me or not she is behind this all , btw i wish zayn , gigi and khai a happy future.💕💕

  20. he still looks good in leather pants

  21. What a joke

  22. I love them but their relationship seems like it’s getting a little toxic..and that’s scary because now they have a kid.

  23. 24hoursonline1

    The mother need to deal with family matter quietly… Leave zayn alone

  24. We all know Yolanda is pushy and has boundary issues. She is probably racist as well, considering the footage I have seen of her making comments on Asian eyes. I hope Zayn and Gigi can heal from this

  25. SMOOTH lyrics

    Toxic mother alert.

  26. Yolanda is toxic af 🤢

  27. Guillermo Quintana

    I am married for 21 years, we were very poor at the beginning and we never parted always together, now we are owners of companies and we have much more money than before and I feel that we are more distant in our relationship, it will be that money makes us change our feelings?

  28. Guillermo Quintana

    ohh so sorry!!!

  29. Angelique 25 M

    Y’all really don’t know the story but continue on in these comments it’s hilarious. Just because they make an “adorable couple” and you “ship them” don’t mean anything. You know who was “happy”? Gabbie Petito. J.S

  30. Semsem Samehxx

    They broke up because of Yolanda hadid. She ruined gigi's life

  31. omgg really??

  32. This video didn’t actually tell us anything! And people here commenting as if they know what actually happened. 🤣🤣🤣🤯😳

  33. Florence Namujju

    But how many times are they going to break up?

  34. Italian Lifestyle

    Such a pity 💔